LM Extraction Instruments

Feel the difference of Ergonomic Excellence
The secure LM-ErgoTouch surface provides a good, non-slip grip. The LM-DuraGradeMAX® supersteel guarantees strong and sharp blades.


The LiftOut is used in a luxating motion to gently extract the tooth by cutting the pdl's.


The SlimLift is designed to reach very narrow spaces.
With an extremely slim tip, the instrument is used in a luxating motion to gently extract the tooth by cutting the pdl's.


The TwistOut is a ticker instrument that can be used like an elevator when more force is needed.


The RootOut is designed for delicate root teasing procedures, broken tips and fragment removal.

S5 Endo System

Sendoline's innovative system for mechanical cleaning.
Simply perfect endo! This rotary system offers a simple and effective solution for the dentist. Easy to use 5 file system with a lightweight rechargeable handpiece with auto reverse/auto stop when torque is reached.

S5 Apex Locator

A highly accurate electronic apex locator which allows precise measurement of the root canal’s working length. It compact design makes it portable and easy to use.

Xtreme PT (Precision Taper)

The Xtreme PT is comparable to ProTaper® Gold by Dentsply. It features a variable taper, 3 flute design. Same color coding for easy replacement. Ground calibration rings and rubber stops. Gold colored short R/A handle for easy access. The video is from YouTube and published by Dentsply Tulsa Dental.


Radiopaque & Light Transmitting Fiber Post. Glassix plus is the latest generation of highly radiopaque and light transmitting fiber post. Anatomically shaped with a helicoidal structure that gives mechanical retention without any breaking points. Color coded for easy identification. Optimal radiopacity (350%Al.) and light conducting for use with dual curing resin cements. Elasticity close to natural dentine (20 Gpa) and aesthetic thanks to its translucent matrix. 100% biocompatible and epoxy free.


Dual cure core build up and cement for endo posts. 40 second light cure, 3 minute self cure. Optimal flow properties with intraoral tips for precise, bubble free application. Cuts like dentine. Superior adhesive and mechanical properties.


Self-etch dual curing single mix bonding system. 7th generation all in one bonding system. Single dose etching, primer, bonding in easy to use no mess dispenser. High adhesion values and no post-operative sensitivity.


This 5th generation portable Apex-NRG XFR Locator is completely battery operated and uses Multi-frequency for accurate reading. The Apex-NRG XFR digital apex locator provides extreme accuracy and superior reliability for endodontic treatment. Measuring the distance to the apex during root canal procedures, the Apex-NRG XFR is guaranteed to provide an accurate reading in wet, dry, and even bleeding canals.