Founded in 1917 by famed dental technician John Sjöding in Sweden, JS Dental has been
at the forefront of endodontic innovation over the last 100+ years. The company introduced
several key technological breakthroughs in endodontic dentistry including the creation of
both the H-File and S-File. JS Dental was also one of the first endodontic manufacturers
to incorporate nickel-titanium (Nitinol) into its files. This new material gave endodontic
files shape memory and superelasticity improving the safety and effectiveness of endodontic

In 2021, Pac-Dent, Inc. acquired JS Dental and added them to their family of dental brands.
It is Pac-Dent’s goal that John Sjöding’s original vision of designing and producing
ergonomic, easy-to-use, and patient-friendly endodontic products remains and forms the
core of JS Dental’s philosophy.