PractiPal® Tray System

A modular system, with lots of variable combinations. Versatile PractiPal® Tray and components give you the freedom to adapt them to your specific needs. They easily adapt to a variety of functions and uses. All components are designed to function within the system or as stand alone. PractiPal Tray provides effective, safer infection control, cleaning and sterilization. For effective sterilization it is vital that the instruments are thoroughly clean. PractiPal Tray provides a optimal cleaning in a disinfectant washer.

PractiPal® Complete Set
This complete set includes 2 trays (black), 1 instrument clamp, 1 Large Bur/File Stand and 1 MultiBlock with 5 ea MultiDappen, MultiPoint, Waste Cup disposables.

Product Description Item #
Complete Set-Up Black & Red 1151-91
Complete Set-Up Black & Yellow 1151-92
Complete Set-Up Black & Blue 1151-93
Complete Set-Up Black & Green 1151-94
Complete Set-Up Black & Lilac 1151-95
Complete Set-Up Black & Pink 1151-96
Complete Set-Up Black & Mint Green 1151-97
Complete Set-Up Black & Orange 1151-98
Complete Set-Up Black & Gray 1151-99
PractiPal Complete Set
PractiPal® Compact File Set
This compact set includes 1 tray (black), 1 instrument clamp, 1 Small File Holder and 4 disposable Waste Cups.

Product Description Item #
Compact File Set, Black & Red 1152-01
Compact File Set, Black & Yellow 1152-02
Compact File Set, Black & Blue 1152-03
Compact File Set, Black & Green 1152-04
Compact File Set, Black & Lilac 1152-05
Compact File Set, Black & Pink 1152-06
Compact File Set, Black & Mint Green 1152-07
Compact File Set, Black & Orange 1152-08
Compact File Set, Black & Gray 1152-00
PractiPal Compact File Set
PractiPal® Compact Bur Set
This compact set includes 1 tray (black), 1 instrument clamp, 1 Small Bur Stand and 4 disposable Waste Cups.

Product Description Item #
Compact Bur Set, Black & Red 1151-60
Compact Bur Set, Black & Yellow 1151-61
Compact Bur Set, Black & Blue 1151-63
Compact Bur Set, Black & Green 1151-62
Compact Bur Set, Black & Lilac 1151-70
Compact Bur Set, Black & Pink 1151-71
Compact Bur Set, Black & Mint Green 1151-72
Compact Bur Set, Black & Orange 1151-73
Compact Bur Set, Black & Gray 1151-64
PractiPal Compact Bur Set
PractiPal® Tray with Clamp

Product Description Item #
Tray with Clamp, Black & Red 1151-11
Tray with Clamp, Black & Yellow 1151-12
Tray with Clamp, Black & Blue 1151-13
Tray with Clamp, Black & Green 1151-14
Tray with Clamp, Black & Lilac 1151-06
Tray with Clamp, Black & Pink 1151-07
Tray with Clamp, Black & Mint Green 1151-08
Tray with Clamp, Black & Orange 1151-09
Tray with Clamp, Black & Gray 1151-10
PractiPal Tray with Clamp
PractiPal® Tray
Trays can be clipped together for larger set-ups. Two clipped trays fit within standard tray and lid dimensions. Tray holds 9 instruments.

Product Description Item #
Tray (+2 gray clips) 1151-00
Tray, Peg-free (+2 gray clips) 1151-01
Tray, Pegless (+2 gray clips) 1151-02
Practipal Trays
PractiPal® Instrument Clamp

Product Description Item #
Instrument Clamp, Red 1151-51
Instrument Clamp, Yellow 1151-52
Instrument Clamp, Blue 1151-53
Instrument Clamp, Green 1151-54
Instrument Clamp, Lilac 1151-55
Instrument Clamp, Pink 1151-56
Instrument Clamp, Mint Green 1151-57
Instrument Clamp, Orange 1151-58
Instrument Clamp, Gray 1151-10
PractiPal Instrument Clamps
PractiPal® Large Bur/File Stand
Holds 28 files or 16 burs.

Product Description Item #
Large Bur/File Stand, Red 1151-31
Large Bur/File Stand, Yellow 1151-32
Large Bur/File Stand, Blue 1151-33
Large Bur/File Stand, Green 1151-34
Large Bur/File Stand, Lilac 1151-35
Large Bur/File Stand, Pink 1151-36
Large Bur/File Stand, Mint Green 1151-37
Large Bur/File Stand, Orange 1151-38
Large Bur/File Stand, Gray 1151-30
Practipal Large Bur/File Stand
PractiPal® MultiBlock
MultiBlock plus 5ea of disposable MultiDappen, MultiPoint, WasteCup and Small Foam.

Product Description Item #
MultiBlock, Red 1151-31
MultiBlock, Yellow 1151-32
MultiBlock, Blue 1151-33
MultiBlock, Green 1151-34
MultiBlock, Lilac 1151-35
MultiBlock, Pink 1151-36
MultiBlock, Mint Green 1151-37
MultiBlock, Orange 1151-38
MultiBlock, Gray 1151-30
Practipal MultiBlock
PractiPal® Small File Holder
Holds 13 files.

Product Description Item #
Small File Holder, Red 1151-81
Small File Holder, Yellow 1151-82
Small File Holder, Blue 1151-83
Small File Holder, Green 1151-84
Small File Holder, Lilac 1151-76
Small File Holder, Pink 1151-77
Small File Holder, Mint Green 1151-78
Small File Holder, Orange 1151-79
Small File Holder, Gray 1151-80
Practipal Small File Holder
PractiPal® Small Bur Stand
Holds 2 extended burs, 5 HP/RA burs and 8 FG burs.

Product Description Item #
Small Bur Stand, Red 1151-81
Small Bur Stand, Yellow 1151-82
Small Bur Stand, Blue 1151-83
Small Bur Stand, Green 1151-84
Small Bur Stand, Lilac 1151-76
Small Bur Stand, Pink 1151-77
Small Bur Stand, Mint Green 1151-78
Small Bur Stand, Orange 1151-79
Small Bur Stand, Gray 1151-80
Practipal Small Bur Stand
PractiPal® Disposables

Product Description Item #
MultiDappen(300 pcs) 1150-00
MultiPoint(300 pcs) 1150-01
Waste Cup(300 pcs) 1150-02
Small Foam(300 pcs) 1150-03
Large Foam(50 pcs) 1150-04
Light Shield(5 pcs) 1150-05
Practipal Disposables
PractiPal® Accessories

Product Description Item #
Tray Clips(2 pcs) 1151-20
Compact Adapter 1151-75
Tray Rack 1151-90
Practipal Accessories